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LIVIND Workshops 2023

After the LIVIND Webinars held in 2022, we organise workshops on different topics. Here you find recordings and other materials orginating from the workshops.

Sign up now! Workshop on Living Heritage and Well-being 31 October

Welcome to join our workshop on discussing the significance of living heritage for well-being!

The contribution of cultural activities for people’s well-being has been studied well and results are convincing. Going to concerts or to theatre as a participant or self-expressive practices through e.g. singing in a choir, dancing, or joining drama method workshops can generate diverse positive effects on both physical and mental health. Many elements of living heritage are close to practices that have been studied for their advantages, and various traditions are in essence about improving people’s health and well-being.

In this workshop we focus on the connections between living heritage and well-being. We start from asking, to which extent the possibilities of living heritage for well-being have been recognized in studies on increasing well-being, and what more should be done. We deliver short case examples on how practices of living heritage contribute to health and well-being and, finally, welcome you to interact and discuss this theme with others!

Please sign up and we’ll send the link for you to join the workshop!


14.00 Opening
14.10 Roles of living heritage for well-being and health. Marit Stranden, Norwegian Resource Center for Arts and Health (NO)
14.30 Ethnobotanical knowledge and practices supporting health and well-being, Vitalija Povilaityte-Petri (BE)
14.45 Singing and voice as a healing method (TBC!)
14.55 A Break for Well-being: Let’s Breathe!
15.05 Workshop – small group discussions in breakout rooms.
15.40 A look into results from the discussions
16:00 Event closure

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Video Recording of the Workshop on Living Heritage and Well-being

Cultural Heritage Education

LIVIND workshop on cultural heritage education was held on 22 March 2023. It was planned and organised largely by our project partner in Finland, the Association for Cultural Heritage Education in Finland.

Presentation from the cultural heritage education workshop

Video Recording of the Cultural Heritage Education Workshop

Sustainable Tourism and Living Heritage

LIVIND workshop 'Sustainable Tourism and Living Heritage' was held on 1 February 2023. It was planned and organised largely together with the Visit Finland organisation.

More and more travellers are looking for sustainable ways to experience local lifestyles – to live like a local. Living heritage can answer to this need, as it holds a lot of unused potential for sustainable tourism and product development.

So how to benefit in sustainable ways from the opportunities that activities and traditions of living cultural heritage, such as traditional cuisine or local folk music festivals, can offer for tourism? What are the first steps and what should be taken into consideration? Come think with it us how you can make best of it!

Good practices and discussions

In the two-hour workshop, you will hear brief introductions to the topic and work together in small groups
In the workshop we…
  • Hear about the cross-sector experience from Finland (Finnish Heritage Agency & Visit Finland organisation)
  • Have as keynote speaker Caroline Couret from Creative Tourism Network, Barcelona, Spain
    • “The Creative Tourism is considered a new generation of tourism that involves the tourists themselves and the locals in the creation of the tourist product (co-creation)”
  • Work together in an online environment tailored just for this workshop (at Howspace virtual platform)
  • Discuss the possibilities and challenges related to ‘Live Like a Local’ tourism products and living heritage


Video Recording of the Sustainable Tourism and Living Heritage workshop (partial)