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Amengo Museum

The Roma people, their culture, songs and dresses fill up the National Museum on the week of the Roma National day.

How would you look like in a Roma costume? Come and watch the catwalk to see how the Roma womens' fashion has changes over the decades. Listen to the panel discussions about Roma traditions and intangible heritage. Get to know to the jewerly of the Roma and listen to what the horse breeders have to say.

The event is organized by the National Museum, Roma advisory board, Finnish Literature Society, Finnish Roma Association and Finnish Heritage Agency.

13.00 Songs: Gelem, gelem ja Latšo Diives
13:15 Opening speeches: Finnish Roma Association youth league Dimitri Lindgren and Elina Anttila, director of National Museum

13.30 Song: Mirette Lindgren

Panel: From invisible to visible - inventorying and collecting cultural heritage. With Hilja Grönfors, Satu Blomerus, Helena Korpela, Seija Roth and Katarina Lillqvist.

14.30 Roma fashion today and past

15.00 Discussion with horse breeders

16.30 Pearls of Roma music by Sebastian Ahlgren, Joni Enroth, Vivian Flink, Daavid Hagert, Maarit Leivo & Katja Keväänranta, Aale Lindgren, Sanna Mansikkaniemi, Pertti Palm, Leif Valerius

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