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Participate or learn more on events related to the Convention! Many seminars and workshops are being organised in the various domains and themes of ICH. Check out Elävä perintö YouTube channel and Facebook.

LIVIND Webinar on Living heritage and ecological sustainability: Understanding the issues and seeking local solutions

Climate change and associated environmental risks have direct and indirect effects on living cultural heritage. The practice of living heritage can also contribute to climate action and it can play a role in ensuring ecological sustainability. Join us on 25 May to learn more and share your viewpoints!

LIVIND webinar: Local economies and future markets for living cultural heritage

Living heritage offers many possibilities to livelihoods, but could we broaden our understanding of living heritage as an ecosystem that feeds local economies? How could practitioners better navigate the changing markets and opt for sustainable solutions, also with attention to heritage-sensitive marketing? What mechanisms would support community actors in mitigating risks and maximizing benefit from living heritage engagement with the market? Join us in the LIVIND webinar to learn more and share your views!

LIVIND Opening Webinar

In the opening webinar you hear more about the LIVIND project and, with case examples from around the Northern Dimension region, about how living heritage and sustainability are linked. This opening event will be followed by a series of webinars and workshops held throughout the year 2022.

Conference on protection of Nordic Indigenous traditional knowledge and Intellectual Property

Inspiring high-end keynote –speakers: Ministers, Young experts; Intriguing panel discussions; Interactive thematic workshops

Webinar: Intellectual property protection and the safeguarding of Nordic indigenous traditional knowledge

How can intellectual property strategies support the safeguarding of Nordic indigenous traditional knowledge? What are the practical challenges facing culture bearers in safeguarding their traditional knowledge and using intellectual property protection to protect their economic and strategic interests? How can institutions offer their support? Join us for a webinar to hear more and discuss!

Building cooperation: ENFP

In April 2021 the European Network of Focal Points for the 2003 Convention (ENFP) was launched for the UNESCO Group I and II countries. On the 25th May the first online event was organised to discuss the network in more detail.

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