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New project "LIVIND – Creative and living cultural heritage as a resource for the Northern Dimension region" supports living heritage in Northern Europe. The project partners are from 10 countries in the Northern Dimension region. The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and it will continue until May 2023.

Living heritage holds many possibilities to sustainable and ethical practices that support the livelihoods and wellbeing of communities. The new project collects good practices and strengthens cooperation between different actors across the Northern Dimension region.

Intangible cultural heritage work gets new boost from the project LIVIND Creative and living cultural heritage as a resource for the Northern Dimension region that started in the beginning of September 2021. Led by the Finnish Heritage Agency, the project concentrates on recognising the practical ways living heritage can advantage tourism, services and several other practices in sustainable ways.

The project is based on the many years of extensive international cooperation for intangible cultural heritage. Almost all countries participating the project have ratified the 2003 UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage that obligates to recognise and safeguard heritage through community-based ways. Further cornerstones of the project include the Faro Convention underlining the value of heritage for society and the UN Agenda 2030 on sustainable development.

The project makes use of diverse web-based tools that support fluent exchange and increased co-development work. Webinars, virtual workshops and platforms will be used to collect and share ideas between the diverse actors including public bodies and NGOs from the different countries and areas. The project also involves research activities resulting as analyses and policy briefs that support the further development on living heritage. These materials, along with the good practices and experiences from the pilots implemented during the project will be available on a virtual resource bank, a key result of the project.

Geographically, the project covers the Northern Dimension area that involves the northern EU countries, Russia, Norway, and Iceland. In addition to the ten countries, the project includes the Nordic autonomous regions and the Saami area. One of the project goals is to increase the interconnectedness within this area and to feed into new partnerships and initiatives in the field of living heritage.

The project budget, totalling 254 000 euros, is mainly funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland with a grant from the funds for the strengthening of cooperation in the Baltic Sea, Barents Sea and the Arctic regions and more largely in the Northern Dimension region.

Project presented on the Finnish Heritage Agency News site (6 October 2021)

More information

Elisa Kraatari, Project Coordinator, elisa.kraatari(at), tel. +358 295 33 6075

Leena Marsio, Senior adviser, leena.marsio(at), tel. +358 295 336 017