Kasityon aarella

Discussion cards on crafts

Crafts is one of the domains of intangible cultural heritage. Taitoliitto NGO has developed a series of discussion cards as part of the work done by The Circle of crafts.

By Handicrafts -discussion cards are a novel way to get acquainted with the craft culture. With the card series, it is possible to study what crafts mean for oneself, communities and society. Cards inspire people to think and discuss broadly about the craft culture. In conversations over handicraft, everyone interested in crafts can gain new insight into the widespread effectiveness of craftsmanship.

The cards can be used in many ways: as triggers for joint conversations, for discussions in small groups or as an incentive for self-reflection. The goal is, above all, that the thoughts that the cards content awakens will generate inspiring experiences of handicraft.

The card series contains 90 thematic cards, and ten Explore and Test -cards. Each thematic card has a thought or statement related to the theme, and questions related to the findings. Explore and Test -cards provide ideas for how to apply the card's content in practice. The goal of the cards is to inspire craft makers to design and implement meaningful craft activities.

The card series is produced by Taitoliitto Finland as part of the work done by the Circle of crafts. At the moment, the cards are available in Finnish and Swedish. Cards can be ordered from Taitoliitto’s webshop.