Avustukset aineettoman kulttuuriperinnön sopimuksen mukaisiin yhteistyö ja kehittämishankkeisiin

Grants for cooperation and development projects under the UNESCO 2003 Convention

The next round of applications will be in autumn 2019.

The Finnish heritage agency gives out grants to co-operation and development projects related to the UNESCO Convention on the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The first round of applications was in Sept-Oct 2018. The total grant for the year was 113 700 euros that was divided between 12 projects. The next call of applications will be in autumn 2019.

The aim of the grant is to promote the implementation and Convention, raise awareness about it and to widen the possibilities of communities to take part in living cultural heritage. The grant is intended for co-operation and development projects.

The Finnish heritage agency emphasizes such projects that are in line with the spirit of the Convention: community-based initiatives, safeguarding and transmitting heritage and the diversity of heritages.

The grant is open for municipalities, associations, foundations, limited companies and other full-capacity communities. The grant cannot be to private persons.