Common path: A guide to the responsible use of living heritage

The guide Common Path provides tools both those working in the field of living heritage and tourism.

In cooperation with Visit Finland and the Finnish Heritage Agency, the guide Common Path: A Guide to the Responsible Use of Living Heritage in Tourism has been published in Finnish. The purpose of the guide is to support the responsible use of living heritage in tourism.

The importance of responsible practices in tourism has grown exponentially in recent years. The “live like a local” trend familiar from tourism closely overlaps with living cultural heritage. More and more tourists demand sustainable services for their trip.

For the tourist, safeguarding cultural heritage is one indication of responsible activity. Sustainability is approached in the guide from an ecological, social, cultural and economic perspective. The guide also introduces a concrete path on how to work with using living heritage in tourism a sustainable way.

A number of living heritage practitioners and tourism experts have participated in the development of the guide in a workshop in spring 2021. The manuscript was written by Hanna Puro, the guide was edited by Susanna Markkola from Visit Finland and Emma Harju and Leena Marsio from Finnish Heritage Agency.

Each community associates different values ​​and perceptions of its ownership with its own traditions. Thus, the work on intangible cultural heritage in tourism involves not only an immeasurable number of opportunities, but also responsibilities that must be taken into account. Welcome to the common path!

Download Visit Finland's online publication here (in Finnish)

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Leena Marsio, Finnish Heritage Agency leena.marsio@museovirasto.fi

Susanna Markkola, Business Finland, susanna.markkola@businessfinland.fi