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Conference on protection of Nordic Indigenous traditional knowledge and Intellectual Property

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The Ministry of Education and Culture will in co-operation with the Sami Parliament and a number of Nordic public and private stakeholders offer space for dialogue on issues relating to protection of intellectual property of indigenous peoples. A conference on the protection of Nordic indigenous traditional knowledge, ie of the Sámi and Greenlandic Inuit, and Intellectual property rights (IPR) will be co-organized in November in Inari, Sápmi, Northern Finland.

The protection of traditional knowledge includes i.a. protection of traditional cultural expressions such as handicrafts, oral expressions and names and symbols. The aim is to strengthen regional cross-border co-operation and increase expertise in the Nordic countries on these issues with both short and long term goals. The focus is in particular on how the current IP system can afford protection to traditional knowledge and how gaps can be addressed. Regional measures may impact positively the international negotiations in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). WIPO will organize a regional workshop for the Nordic countries the days preceding the Conference.

The conference takes place as a physical event in Inari, Northern Finland on Thursday November 11, 2021 at 9.30 – 17.30 (Finnish time). A detailed program as well as the registration form will be published later. Relevant material can be found on the Dialogue Portal

As a part of the work in preparation for the conference the Finnish Heritage Agency will facilitate a subgroup on intangible cultural heritage. There will be a webinar as well as a check list for things to consider about the legal protection of cultural heritage on the subject

Organizers: The Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland, Sami Parliament in Finland, Finnish Copyright Society, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland, Finnish Patent and Registration Office, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the Finnish Heritage Agency.

More information:

Anna Vuopala, Ministry of Education and Culture, anna.vuopala(a)minedu.fi

Leena Marsio, Finnish Heritage Agency, leena.marsio(a)museovirasto.fi

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