Wiki Loves Living Heritage – The photo contest invites everyone to participate in the documentation of intangible cultural heritage

What living cultural heritage is important to you? What do you transmit or would you like to pass on to future generations? What traditions would you like to bring to the awareness of the rest of Finland and the world? The Wiki Loves Living Heritage -photo contest starts on Europe Day on 9th May and ends on the European Heritage Days event week 10th September.

Photo contest is part of a global campaign ”Wiki Loves Living Heritage, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage. At the same time Finland's 10-year long path as a member state of the Convention will be celebrated. The campaign is part of the theme year “ Living Heritage” of the European Heritage Days. The goal of this campaign is to inspire all kinds of communities and people to participate and make living and local cultural heritage visible and known.

In Finland, the photo competition is organized by the Finnish Heritage Agency and Wikimedia Finland in cooperation with the European Heritage Days and the Finnish Local Heritage Federation. The contest is held for the first time. It is inspired by the international Wiki Loves Monuments -contest.

You can participate in the competition with photos related to living and intangible cultural heritage. Living heritage embraces practices, knowledge and skills that have been passed on through generations and are still valuable and used today. It includes for example, performing arts, crafts skills, social practices and festivities, oral traditions and practices concerning nature. Special attention is paid to the safeguarding of living heritage: how we practice and pass on traditions.

In Finland, there are already more than 240 elements in the Wiki-inventory of Living Heritage. Of these sauna culture in Finland, Kaustinen fiddle playing and the Nordic clinker boat tradition have been inscribed to the UNESCO Representative list of intangible cultural heritage. However, there is much more living heritage to celebrate!

More information

Leena Marsio, Finnish Heritage Agency, leena.marsio(at), +358 29533 6017

Kimmo Virtanen, Wikimedia Finland, kimmo.virtanen(at), +358 44 022 4007


How to participate

  • Upload the photos participating in the Finnish contest to Wikimedia Commons between 9th May to 10th September. Please note that the photos are licensed under the open Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license, which allows photos to be shared and modified, provided that the name of the photographer and the source of the photo are mentioned, and that the derivative work is licensed under the same license.
  • You can participate in the competition with your own photos taken during 2023 or earlier. Photos for the global campaign can be uploaded throughout the year.
  • Challenges in uploading? Here you can see a help video.
  • The best pictures of the Finnish contest will be rewarded with gift cards. The best pictures of Finnish candidates focusing on the safeguarding of a living heritage will take part in a European-wide photo contest of the ENFP (European Network of Focal Points for the 2003 Convention), the results of which will be announced in October 2023.
  • Please share your own photos on social media with the #Eläväperintö #LivingHeritage #Wikiloveslivingheritage tag.

Rules of the photo competition


Contest starts: May 9, 2023

Contest ends: September 10, 2023

The rules of the contest

  1. The photo will be published on Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Foundation’s free online multimedia repository, with Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 or more open license.
  2. The photo follows best practices in ethical sharing, which will also be developed during the project. Photos submitted in the competition must at least have the consent of the individuals or entities depicted in the photo
  3. The photo may have been taken at any time, but it will be downloaded to Wikimedia Commons during the competition period 9th May to 10th September 2023.
  4. Photos participating in the competition must be openly licensed or free of copyright. When you upload photos you've taken yourself, you give them an open license. If you upload photos taken by others, you can refer to an existing open license or license new photos together with the photographer
  5. The participant agrees to give their email address when registering with Wikimedia Commons so that they can be contacted if they would win.
  6. Members of the Jury, staff and board members of Wikimedia Finland cannot win prizes or participate in an international competition through the Finnish competition.
  7. The jury shall have the right to apply the rules if necessary.

All Wikimedia Commons requirements apply to the competition photos. Photos must be either in the public domain or licensed under free and open-source licenses, such as Creative Commons licenses. Their use must not be restricted by other means, for example, by a watermark. The object of the photo must not be subject to copyright either, but a copyrighted work may appear in a small or insignificant part of the image. Technically low-quality photos are discarded. Read more about the practices of Wikimedia Commons.

Wiki Loves Living Heritage places a strong emphasis on ethical sharing practices for the photos submitted to the contest. This includes obtaining consent from the individuals and communities depicted in the photos, even if their intellectual property is not protected by copyright. Distribution of sacred or secret subjects without documented authorization is strictly prohibited. To learn more about best practices for ethical photo sharing, please refer to our guidelines.

About the using of the photos
All photos or videos submitted during the competition are stored in Wikimedia Commons, where they remain publicly accessible after the competition. The images are licensed under the open Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license, which allows others to share and modify the photos, as long as they provide attribution to the creator and release any derivative works under the same license. The creator retains the copyright of their photos or videos and can continue to make use of them.

The winning photo of the Finnish contest will be rewarded with a 300 euro gift card to a photography shop. The five best photos will be rewarded with the Finnish Museum Card. The five best photos, especially related to the safeguarding of living heritage, will be selected for the Europe-wide competition.

The Jury
The working group of the Finnish Heritage Agency, the Ministry of the Environment, Finnish Local Heritage Federation and Wikimedia Finland.

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