Avaus Aineettoman kulttuuriperinnön vaalimiseen

Survey for the plan of action for intangible cultural heritage 2019-2022

The UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage was ratified in Finland in May 2013.

The Finnish Heritage Agency (Museovirasto) and the Advisory board for intangible cultural heritage are currently working on the Plan for National Implementation for years 2019-2022. We gather knowledge about measures in the field of living heritage, map out your point of views and your needs of support. At the Finnish Heritage Agency, we use this material as a support to compose the upcoming Plan for the next four years.

With this survey, we aim to reach out to different kind of networks of NGOs, institutions and other communities that operate in Finland in the field of living heritage. We hope that you will forward our message among your own networks. It is possible to answer this survey anonymously. We will announce the results in such manner, that the respondents cannot be identified.

More information about intangible cultural heritage, Unesco’s Convention and work related to it can be found on the dedicated website of the Finnish Heritage Agency and the Wiki – Inventory For Living Heritage More information about Unesco’s work regarding to this Convention can be found at https://ich.unesco.org/ . The Implementation plan for 2015-2018 can be found in English here.

The survey link is same for everybody. Since the survey cannot be saved during answering, you must answer all questions at once. You can get familiar with the questions beforehand.
Link to the survey in Finnish https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/38E30F8DEB535257.par
and in Swedish https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/0925115DA2D311A2.par

You are also welcome to reply to the survey in English.
Please answer to this survey by 5.6.2019.

Ask more information regarding to the survey from Senior Advisor Leena Marsio: leena.marsio(at)museovirasto.fi, 029533 6017

Your answer is very valuable to us. Thank you for your co-operation!