The Circle of clinker boat traditions

Active cooperation has emerged around clinker boat tradition related to the UNESCO nomination process.

A joint Nordic application for the inscription of the Nordic clinker boat tradition on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity was sent in spring 2020. In Finland, the application was supported by 19 communities that work with clinker boats. A decision on the application is expected from UNESCO in December 2021.

As a result of the process, an active cooperation network has been established between Finnish wooden boat actives. The network was later given the name the Circle of clinker boat traditions . The circle has brought together professionals and enthusiasts of maritime cultural heritage and boat building, who together strive to safeguard, transfer and develop the Finnish clinker boat tradition. Despite the pandemic, the circle has met five times in the past year in virtual platforms.

The discussions and collaboration of this network has already created several concrete projects and tools. Puuveneveistäjät ry (Wooden boat builders association) has launched a traditional clinker boat modeling project, which has received funding from the Finnish Heritage Agency’s grants for intangible cultural heritage. Support for the further financing of the project has been granted by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Furthermore, the Finnish Heritage Agency and the Maritime Museum of Finland, are planning a project to collect clinker boat structural drawings. The mapping work geared towards museum operators and other actors will begin this spring.

In addition, already during the UNESCO application process, wooden boat actives have drawn up a Roadmap (PDF in Finnish), a plan to protect the clinker boat tradition. Discussions and actions have also been developed for training, communication, and international cooperation in the field.

All clinker boat actives, NGOs, institutions, and others interested in the tradition are welcome to join the circle!

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Leena Marsio, Finnish Heritage Agency, +358 29533 6017

Bosse Mellberg, clinker boat active,

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