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LIVIND Opening Webinar 29 Nov 2021

The opening webinar starts a series of online events in the project LIVIND – Creative and living cultural heritage as a resource for the Northern Dimension region.

The joint learning process starts with the opening webinar

In the opening webinar you will hear more about the LIVIND project and, with case examples from around the Northern Dimension region, about how living heritage and sustainability are linked together. In the workshops you can choose a theme of sustainability that interests you most and share your experiences with colleagues from the region. The event will be followed by webinars and workshops held throughout the year 2022.

The webinar is free and open for everyone. We welcome practitioners of heritage, NGO workers, museum professionals, civil servants, educators, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, activists and other parties interested! We hope to get together a great group of people working with different domains of living heritage including crafts, performing arts, nature related know-how, oral heritage, festivities, food etc.

Please click the link below and sign up by 23 November and we will send you the participation link!

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Webinar Programme


Opening the webinar, Leena Marsio and Elisa Kraatari, Finnish Heritage Agency


Living heritage and sustainable development interlinked – what does it mean? Researcher’s viewpoint, TBC


A look into the four aspects of sustainable development and their link to living heritage


Ecological sustainability and knowledge on nature, Kirstine Eiby Møller, National Museum of Greenland, Greenland


Cultural sustainability and performing arts, Annbjørg Lien, Setesdalsfolk, Agder County Municipality, Norway


Economic sustainability and the living heritage of crafts, Eva Leemet, Creative Estonia, Estonia


Social sustainability and education on living heritage, Amudena​ Rutkowska, National Institute of Cultural Heritage, Poland






Comments from the workshops